Cristen Sink

As a mother of three children, I have always tried very hard to be home with them as much as possible. But, in trying to help contribute to our family, I always worked part time. However, in the fall of 2012, things got really tight for our family, and a full-time job opportunity came along for me. For 10 months I worked full-time, and although it was a wonderful job with a wonderful company, it was the hardest thing to leave my family every day for the entire day. My younest has special needs and a terminal health condition, and leaving her not knowing how many days we had left with her was breaking my heart. I began praying for a way out, for a way to still be able to contribute to our family's income without having to work full-time. My goal starting out was to earn at least half of my full-time income with this company. Within 3 months, I was able to achieve that, and am so excited to have others on my team doing the same. I love our products, and the hope and health that they offer to others. I am so thankful that God brought this opportunity along, to bless our family, and others.

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